FAST-PUR is intended for use as a foamed-in-place sealant for air leakage control and insulation of gaps, cracks, cavities and joints within the building envelope. It is used for sealing ducts, elbows, valves, tees, and boxes, replacing or repairing insulation in refrigerated containers and refrigerated warehouses.

FAST-PUR is used around door and window perimeters, roof/wall intersections, and the sealing of mechanical, electrical and plumbing penetrations in walls, floors, ceilings, attics and roofs.

FAST-PUR adheres to most surfaces including wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics. Cured foam resists moisture, insulates, dampens noise, adds structural support, provides an air-seal and fills voids.

FAST-PUR foam solidifies in about 30 seconds and fully cures into a solid permanent structure that you can cut, sand and paint in approximately five minutes.

FAST-PUR is designed for many uses in professional building and industrial applications:
⚪ Air and water barrier ⚪ Thermal insulation Structural strengthening or mechanical fastening ⚪ Repair jobs ⚪ Filling voids and cracks ⚪ etc.

FAST-PUR Air tight sealing

Air tight sealing

Since the implementation of the new standards about passive house construction, the specification books which achieves the passive house standards typically includes: A very good level of insulation with minimal thermal bridges and an excellent level of air tightness.

These are the two specifications which FAST-PUR fills perfectly:

The high insulation quality of sprayed polyurethane foam in the attic for instance, or combined with other insulating products (as you decide of the thickness you spray and how you spray it) will seal your building envelope completely. And finally totally air tight sealed, as those are the main properties of the product, thanks to more than 95% of closed cells, and adhesion to any material it is sprayed on.

With FAST-PUR it is possible to insulate existing houses by the newest standards.

FAST-PUR Attic insulation

Attic insulation

Polyurethane sprayed foam is one of the best insulating materials on the market.

When spraying the product with the Gun Hose Assembly (GHA) and appropriate nozzles you are certain to reach the most difficult places in your attic avoiding thermal bridges.

The reliability of this product is proven for decades in industrial insulation, so the efficiency is similar to the inside of a house.

Unlike other insulating materials, time won't affect the quality of the foam (it won't crumble and won't move) and its insulation value is higher than any other insulation material.

FAST-PUR is ideal to restore the attic of an old house or mansion as it stops air infiltration and potential condensation.

As the trend shows us a "green" house, foam insulation brings us there.

FAST-PUR Window sealing

Window sealing

It is very important that houses should be well insulated in order to avoid loss of heat or air infiltration. The frames of windows, doors and even garage doors must be well insulated.

For a better insulation quality, it is much better to do this with our two component FAST-PUR foam; the frames will be sealed in two minutes time. This will stop air infiltration, water absorption and mould growth.

Thanks to our caulking nozzles, you can apply the product easy and very precisely.

FAST-PUR Scene building

Scene building

Scene building for theatre, movies, museums or aquariums is often made out of bi-component polyurethane foam. May it be for filling, for the structural strength, bonding of polystyrene, or only to get voluminous forms.

Thanks to the different type of nozzles, you may foam the way you need it:

⚫ Filling and structural strength with the cone spray nozzles,
⚫ Bonding with the fan spray nozzles, for a very thin layer,
⚫ Or creating large volumes with the pouring nozzle.

To work in a workshop or on a construction site, these products offer endless possibilities.

Many companies have used our products with great success within popular attractions and movie sets.

FAST-PUR Reefer container repair

Reefer container repair

Reefers often have to be repaired; our products have been used for many years by professionals in this industry.

Once repaired, one just has to inject into the walls of the structure, the reefer quickly becomes efficient and available again.

Thanks to their portability and their special accessories, these kits are ideal for small and medium repair on construction site.

FAST-PUR Moulding applications

Moulding applications

Thanks to the easiness of application and their different formulations, our products fit perfectly for moulding and filling applications.

For artistic applications such as filling professional moulds, decorators or taxidermists... and of course for any industrial application that would represent a new useful solution.

OEM insulation applications

Insulation with injected polyurethane foam is the highest standard of insulation. For industrial applications, it has been recognized as such, and used for many years.

Many << OEM >> companies (Original Equipment Manufacturer) use it successfully:

⚫ Refrigerated shop windows,
⚫ Ice generators,
⚫ Tank manufacturing,
⚫ Stainless steel equipment,

For the refrigeration industry, pharmaceutical industries, food-processing industries, or simply for structural strengthening or anti-vibration applications.

The efficiency of insulation increases the technical performance of the manufactured products. No thermal bridges, so no condensation and less wear of the system.

Industrial insulation

Thanks to its high insulating performances (more than 95% of closed cells, high dimensional stability, and a fire Euroclass E rating) injected polyurethane foam is an excellent product for professional insulation.

In the petrochemical, food-processing, pharmaceutical and refrigeration industries or any activity dealing with fluid transport subjected to extreme high and low temperatures.

The injected foam will fill the whole structure, eliminating thermal bridges.

However, it is sometimes very difficult to access some installations. When the pipes are curved, it is necessary to cut the insulation material and bond it together, but with FAST-PUR, this is not a problem.

Our products are portable and autonomous, they can be taken on any scaffold.

Many professionals already use our product.

Boat insulation

FAST-PUR polyurethane foam is used for insulation and for condensation problems. If the polyurethane foam is used to combat condensation, a layer of 2-3 cm of foam is recommended. If the foam is used as insulation, a layer of 6-7 cm PU insulation is recommended. Depending on the required thickness needed of the polyurethane foam, you can opt for different nozzles. The foam can be easily applied and the speed at which you move the gun determines the thickness of the polyurethane insulation layer.

Apart from perfect insulation, the polyurethane foam also ensures that everything is sealed seamlessly. With more than 95% closed cells FAST-PUR polyurethane foam is suitable for maritime projects. In contrast to open-cell polyurethane foams, this two-component foam absorbs no water, and is not susceptible to mold formation.

After the PUR foam insulation is applied a few minutes later you can either apply the next layer, or start cutting the foam and the surface can be covered with a finish of your choice. The spray foam is characterized by its permanent flexibility which is of great importance within the boat insulation.

What are the possible applications?


Insulation and sealing of roofs
Insulation and sealing of ceilings
Insulation of walls
Airtight insulation of the building envelope
Insulation of thermal bridges
Insulation of crawl spaces
Insulation of bathtubs and jacuzzi
Insulation of heating and air conditioning pipes
Sealing of pipe passages
Sealing joinery (windows, doors)


Insulation of buildings (ceiling, wall and roof)
Insulation of pipes
Insulation of HVAC installations
Avoiding condensation
De-commissioning pipes
Asbestos containment

Original Equiment Manufacturer (OEM)

Container repair
Refrigerated transport
Refrigerated warehouses
Refrigerated tanks
Refrigerated counters
Ice machines
Spa and Jacuzzi
Prefab constructions
Heat exchangers
Structural reinforcement
Insulation roof outlets


Wine cellars
Renovation of yachts and river boats
Pest control
Dust control
Sound and vibration insulation
Insulation boats
Increase flotation capacity of boats & pontoons
Terrariums and aquariums